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I don't remember most of this dream, but...

There's a recurring object in my dreams. It's an ornate, decorated key that, when shown at a bank, immediately gets me taken to the bank manager's office. In my dreams, my family has three or four of these things, from different branches of the bank, each one different. It's pretty weird. One of them even instructs the teller to take me to Shadow immediately.

In this case, all the banks were said to be on 56th Street, something I'm not even sure exists in Orange County. A large group of people, including my brother's friend Dan (and probably some MT people, but I don't remember), had to do some sort of perfectly-timed operation at the banks--if we did it right, one car would arrive at all the banks just in time to jump in. As everyone was about to go, I realized I didn't have shoes on, but I didn't stop the operation, even though I knew I had to run to the bank. Then I walked outside and got into my car, totally invalidating the whole "have to run" thing. And then the dream ended.

It was strange.

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