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Well, I restart school tomorrow. This time around, the schedule is...decidedly less pleasant.

CIS 40B: Assembly
Mon, 7pm-10pm

CIS 41: Data Structures
Tues Thurs, 5:30pm-7pm

Math 3A: Calculus (again)
Mon, Weds, Fri: 7:50am(!)-9:30am

Ja 250: Practical Japanese
Sat, 12pm-1pm

A couple notes:

1. Right now I'm not listed as being in 40A. That's because the teacher fucked up the grading. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow.

2. The Japanese class is basically intended for businessmen who need to know how to find the toilet when they fly over there for a meeting. I figure that if I have any skill whatsoever with language, it'll show up in a basic class for a language I'm actually interested in learning (which Spanish does not qualify as).
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