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Short...very short...

Boring day--wasted time in the monring, started hacking on client's site in the afternoon, stopped to be a CNN junkie for a few hours, came back and continued hacking, had dinner and watched Star Trek, came back and continued hacking.

I got roped into finishing the family Enterprise marathon tomorrow night--I'll be leaving sometime Friday afternoon, and will be back Saturday afternoon. I may or may not be able to get online at the grandparents' house.

On the phone front, I got a clean message through to the "HOME" entry in the address book, but haven't gotten a call back. The phone is now too discharged to place calls, though...hopefully this won't be a problem. If I don't hear back from them, I'll consider talking to a nearby T-Mobile store to see if they can figure out who the owner is...

Daystar Exposures Today: 0