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Brent Dax1 (2:27:09 PM): Some random on the megatokyo community was also using the foxen.
Mayoi Kitsuko (2:26:45 PM): Heh.
Mayoi Kitsuko (2:28:09 PM): *chuckles* Foxen? I don't know which is worse, the fact that you said that that way, or that I understood you perfectly until. I actually thought about it ^^;;
Brent Dax1 (2:28:28 PM): Well, if you can have "boxen", why not "foxen"?
Mayoi Kitsuko (2:29:01 PM): Exactly. ^_^

Oh, and I picked up a copy of volume 2 from the local comic shop. It's nifty. And they had another copy there, too, which is nice.
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