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Subject: "Perl" in Japanese

    print $typical_praise;

You likely aren't particularly aware of my existence, but I've been hacking Perl for about five years. I started working on Parrot around the release of 0.0.1, although I haven't been active lately; I've also done a couple small patches to the Perl 5 core. Beyond that, my work has mostly been unreleased CGI, with the occasional CPAN module thrown in.

About a year ago, an online manga introduced me to otakudom. Since then, I've been sucked in to the point that I'm now taking an introductory Japanese class. (Of course, I also had the utterly silly reason of wanting to understand the line 'If I were Japanese, I'd spell it "wa" or "ga" or "no"' from perl6-language.)

An interesting thought came up because of this: What is the correct way to write and pronounce the word "Perl" in Japanese? Since you apparently know Japanese, and there's probably nobody more authoritative on Perl, I figured I'd ask you.

Is it simply Perl (or rather a vowel-munged version) written in katakana? Or is it the Japanese word for "pearl" (which I haven't learned)? Or is it something else entirely?

There's no rush--idle curiousity is my only motivation for asking--but thanks ahead of time if you reply.

--Brent Dax <>
Perl and Parrot hacker
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