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Of Macs, MP3s and Michael

I met a couple RL friends for lunch today. The first is Michael; he's a vaguely religious Jew and a Democrat. The second is Ryan; he's a fundie and a Republican. Along with me (atheist Libertarian) we make a rather diverse group, as you might imagine.

After lunch at a local pizza place, we went to Michael's house. There, we played a game on his old Mac called "Fungus". Mike has a dual-head PC too, and his family has an ubershiny G5, but his dad was using the good Mac and Fungus isn't available on the PC.

Fungus is a two-to-four-player game. The objective is to capture your opponents' "heads" by infecting the areas around it with your fungus. Somewhat silly, but what the heck. We played it for a while, until Ryan had to go to something we ended up jokingly referring to as "telemarketing for God". So we drove him back to where his car was parked.

But not before Mike backed into my car. Not clever.

So, after getting back from dropping Ryan off, we screwed around on the now-free G5 and played Fungus some more. We also burned a disk of his Red Hot Chili Peppers MP3s, because I only have a few songs from them. Eventually we went to dinner at El Pollo Loco (I drove this time), then came back and played some more.

During one game, Michael decided to be evil and toy with me--he killed off all my fungus and proceeded to fill the rest of the board, leaving my head alive. Unfortunately for him, he then proceeded into Evil Villain Exposition, revealing his plans, and I fought back, eventually winning back perhaps a ninth of the board.

At this point, I decided some Rage Against the Machine would be appropriate. Mike didn't have any, but I had some on my home PC, and he wanted some--sparking a Big Adventure.

Navi was online, and Mike's G5 was a pretty full Unix system--including, of course, a copy of ssh. So I sshed in to Navi, used Samba to pull my Rage collection off my PC, then tarballed it, dropped it into /var/www, and downloaded it.

Unfortunately, Mike's DSL is really slow for some reason, causing a great deal of latency on the ssh connection. This, combined with unfamiliarity with the command-line Samba tools, a false start with Apache, and a few mistakes with tar, combined to make a simple task take over an hour. It's actually still not done downloading, and won't be for a couple hours.

Still, it was fun. It also sparked an interesting conversation about Unix, Mac OS, and Windows, which I can't really summarize here due to its length.

So, we went back to Fungus, with Depeche Mode playing instead of Rage. He took back all the territory he'd lost, then tried to do the same evil "don't quite kill me" thing, until he did so by accident. I introduced him to Emacs's "M-x doctor", and then he had to go to sleep, so I went home.

In other news: Parents are out of town, in Las Vegas. I may decide to throw a console party (like a LAN party, but with console games) for them (and another friend, Kevin, who couldn't make it today). Whee.

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