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Weird dreamness...

My family was near the sea on a sunny day. A cruise ship was about to launch, from a line that specialized in speed--they had the fastest passenger ships on the ocean. Or at least they did when my father was the son of the owner. (Dream reality--that's not actually true.)

So, I'm hanging out on the anchor, which is somehow floating on the surface, when the ship launches. It quickly gets out of the shallows and away from land. We start getting near the opening to the sea, where there's a star-shaped point we'll pass near. Dad says to jump off and start swimming on the count of three--but he disappears after "one", leaving me alone and clinging to the anchor as the ship heads out to the open sea.

And then I wake up.

Vivid visuals, although I don't remember them--that's unusual for my dreams, which are usually very abstract.

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