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Y'know...I decided that I should probably come up with a nicer color scheme than this boring gray one, which was the first one that looked decent when I was first putting my journal together. So I went into "Modify Journal" and started playing around.

Two problems:

1. All the other color schemes sucked.

2. I do not trust myself to come up with a color scheme on my own, unless all but one of the colors is black, white, or something in between. (Those of you unfortunate enough to see the original design for Filespace know why.)

So I guess I'll stay with this boring gray scheme. Bleh.

Although there's a nice paid-only scheme I rather like...

Hmm, does LJ accept payment through PayPal? I think I still have $14 from codepoetica in there...

[edit]Yeah, but six months costs $15, and two months is somethng I'm sure to forget to update. Bleh.[/edit]
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