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Well, I had my toes worked on today.

For those of you who are unaware, I have a bit of a problem with my toes: the toenails are ingrown. Chronically. I've had them operated on four times, and every time so far they've come back. This is why I don't play roller hockey anymore--shoving my toes inside tight hockey blades would be a Bad Thing.

So, I had Operation #5 today. Like the previous two, after the initial shots I couldn't feel a thing. (The shots burn for a minute, though.) Unlike the previous two, I actually had the courage to look at what she was doing some of the time--mostly when she was stuffing chemicals deep into my toes to try to kill the nailbed. At one point, the doctor (RNP, actually--just found that out today) left one of the...long Q-tips, essentially, embedded in there for a few seconds without her holding it. It stayed in. Kinda gross.

So, she removed two toenail edges. Each was...well, less than a centimeter wide, but not much less. No wonder they're painful.

The doc (I'll call her a doctor anyway) is really nice. She knows that the shots hurt, so she tries to take as much of the pain away as she can (which, unfortunately, isn't much). At one point I could feel something she was doing, so she stopped, injected more of the painkiller (it was numb enough that I couldn't really feel it going in), and waited a few minutes. She also held up a conversation while she was working--I had brought my MP3 player along, but didn't end up using it.

She said that she talked to a (MD-carrying) podiatrist about my case, and he simply recommended that she be more aggressive--cut off more of the nail, make sure she got all the way to the bed, put in a lot more killing stuff. So with any luck, this'll be the last time I have this procedure. Or at least the last time for one of the toes.

Anyway...yeah. My big toes are currently two large bundles of cotton gauze, and will stay that way for a few days. But they itch...augh...

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