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Excerpted from Filespace's new QuickHelp feature:

Why do some files have three red dots in them?

Occasionally someone will upload a file with a really long name--so long that it disrupts the page, shoving everything else around. Filespace deals with this problem by "contracting" file names longer than thirty-five characters; this keeps them short enough that they usually won't cause any problems. When a filename is contracted, some characters from the beginning or middle of the name are replaced with three red dots whenever the filename is displayed; the file still has the long name, but not all of it is shown.

To view the full filename, just hover the mouse pointer over the contracted name. A ToolTip should pop up with the full filename and the number of characters that were removed from it.

To keep this from happening, just use shorter filenames. Honestly, people, why in God's name would you need a 91-character filename?
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