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Music meme

1207 songs, 3.6 days, 4.62 GB

The problem for me is that most of my music is stuff I have never and will never listen to. So, I set up a Smart Playlist with all the songs I've listened to at least once since I switched to iTunes...

258 songs, 18.4 hours, 1.01 GB

1. Puddle of Mudd - Control ...and got an unfamiliar song right off the bat. Not bad, actually, but unfamiliar. (Actually, I have heard this, but didn't know who it was or that I had it.)

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Get On Top o/` Complications of a mastermind... o/`

3. The Young Dubliners - Stop Me These guys are a Celtic rock group from Santa Monica. They're about a trillion times better live.

4. Linkin Park - In The End Uh...good song. Think I stole it from Darci originally.

5. Yellowcard - Rough Draft Apt title, both for the sound and the subject... o/` I'll send you a rough draft / I'll seal it with tears / Maybe you'll read it / And I'll reappear o/`

6. Rage Against the Machine - Testify Occasionally I like angry music. Especially in the car--I'll stay in the car if a Rage song comes on. This song has a reference to 1984 too... o/` Who controls the past, now / Controls the future / Who controls the present, now-- / Now testify! o/`

7. Placebo - The Bitter End (Junior Sanchez' Output Remix) Ripped from the SSX 3 CD. I actually prefer the un-remixed version (I have the CD with that too), but this sounds fine.

8. Rob Dougan - Chateau From the Reloaded album. The movie wasn't that good, but the album was great...and Rob D is God.

9. Incubus - Megalomania Damn. Just...damn.

10. Evanescence - Eternal Three in a row...when I first got my speakers, this was the song I tested them on. It's incredible...or at least the first third of it is. I skipped past the rest, which is what I always do.

11. Coldplay - In My Place Haven't listened to them very extensively in a while, but I still like their music.

11.5. Who recorded a minute of Gotta Knock? (iTunes catches the weirdest stuff...)

12. Ogata Megumi as Kurama - Nightmare I think Rae-chan sent this to me. Very nice...not that I can understand it. But I don't have to, I guess.

13. Dragon Ash - Shizukana Hibi no Kaidan Wo Another from Rachel. wtf is up with the back-to-back .jp?

14. Paul Oakenfold - Hypnotized Oakenfold has some great songs. This one is merely okay. And very long.

15. Coldplay - A Whisper o/` I hear the sound / Of the ticking of clocks / Come back and look for me / Look for me / When I am lost o/`

I was surprised not to see any Barenaked Ladies...until I sorted by artist. Apparently I don't bother ripping them, because my family has all their CDs. I was also surprised it didn't try to play any pr0n--iTunes has delusions of gradeur sometimes, which means that it's tried to index a couple video files, so I figured Murphy's Law would kick in.

I've only had iTunes for a few months, so nothing too embarassing came up. (For me, Blink 182, which I loved for a while but now hate, would be the worst.) Sorry about that, but it was either that or a lot of songs that were like "uh...I've never heard this one before..."

Software: iTunes 4.2

1. Pop open your MP3 player.
2. Select your entire library and set the player to Repeat. (More or less...don't deselect things you don't like anymore.)
3. List the first fifteen songs that come up, with commentary if you'd like.

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