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Teh listness

Stolen from sangochan.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

(When a statement is true with some editing, I've sometimes put [...] to indicate where I deleted something.)

01. I spent a year and a half without any casual social contact, and actually didn't mind it until afterwards.
02. I have Audioslave and Barenaked Ladies on the same playlist.
03. At some point in my life, I attended some type of school.
04. I have started at least a dozen "businesses" in my life.
05. Most were when I was a small child, and involved utterly silly things, such as selling paper airplanes.
06. Doctors, dentists.. they are all evil creatures who wish pain and death upon me. THey just hide it well... the death part. the pain is always obvious.
05. I just realized five and six are doubled.
06. I don't work out enough.
07. My bike was stolen in ninth grade, and I haven't used one since.
08. I LOOOOOVE chips and salsa.
09. I really enjoy my sleep.
10. It hardly ever snows here.
11. I like little kids. They like me. It's a good situation.
12. I love cats, I get along with them so well. We just have an understanding.
13. I've rebooted my computer more often in the past week than I have in the month before that.
14. I am not on any medication. [...]
15. I love the art people make.
16. I was retarded enough to pay to give stuff away.
17. I have a whole lot or irrational fears.
18. I live by a strict moral code... most of the time. But I slip up occasionally.
19. I procrastinate horribly, when I do work at all.
20. I used to wear glasses, but don't anymore.
21. I have trouble with eye contact sometimes.
22. I am a slow developer in the relationship department.
23. Dogs are stupid. And they smell.
24. I like to eat carbohydrates!
25. Love is confusing.
26. I like taking photographs, except that I feel out-of-place carrying a camera.
27. I can teach myself to enjoy any band by listening to their music repeatedly.
28. I have been dodging my mother's efforts to get me to read Pillars of the Earth for years.
29. I probably have as much carbon dioxide in my stomach as I do oxygen in my lungs.
30. I can watch minor surgery being performed on myself without feeling queasy.
31. There [are few things] more wonderful than loving/feeling close to someone.
32. I don't know what those things would be.
33. I've never been to outer space!
34. High school [...] was [...] the worst of times.
35. I love my friends.
36. Pink must die. Although the musician isn't that bad.
37. Every dollar I've earned in the last six years has gone into technology, yet I can't play half the games I own.
38. I have more online friends than real ones, and more of the opposite sex than the same sex.
39. I worry that I'll never amount to anything.
40. I live in a reasonably sized city.
41. I worry that I am either incapable of romantic love, or I just have no clue in hell what it really is.
42. I have read the entire Hitchiker's Guide series.
43. I periodically have really bad ideas for fanfiction and can't get them out of my head.
44. I wear black primarily. (But mine is Thinkgeek.)
45. I have cut myself twice with an X-Acto knife. Both times I was building a model. I never finished either one.
46. I wish society would be more tolerant.
47. I'm hate being the oldest child.
48. There are loud dogs that live next door.
49. I believe their owners should be beaten for letting the damn dogs make so much noise for no damn reason.
50. I'm an elitist.
51. I think about the future all the time, but have no idea where I'm going.
52. I watch the news [...] obsessively during "crises".
53. I tolerate stupid people only because killing them is illegal.
54. My computer is in need of an upgrade.
55. I enjoy reading.
56. I like poems, but feel like I can't truly appreciate them for some reason.
57. I love the smell of a new book.
58. I have never broken a bone.
59. My room is eighty-two degrees half the time and sixty-eight the other half.
60. I act almost autistic in public.
61. I need more bookcases.
62. My favorite characters in Star Trek are always the hot women, but it's because they're smart.
63. My cat is named after a drink.
64. I'd like a billion trillion dollars.
65. I love potatoes.
66. Jet (the band) kicks ass.
67. I game whenever I can, however I can.
68. I only have one sister, who's younger.
69. My most common dead-tree reading material is the local paper's Opinion section.
70. I am sitting in the comfiest chair in the house.
71. My family has five game consoles, all of which still work.
72. I have a lack of motivation.
73. I've danced with a girl. Once. In eighth grade. Probably because she was dared to do so.
74. This thing is freaking long.
75. I hate when people do things just to look important.
76. I am thinking way too hard about some of these answers.
77. I have problems forcing myself to go to bed.
78. I sometimes wish I could go back to high school and do things over again.
79. I've never moved in my life.
80. My mother still feels the need to accompany me everywhere.
81. I've adopted the title "hacker", which is supposed to be bestowed, but refuse to take "otaku", which is something you're supposed to decide yourself.
82. I hate it when I like the same music my siblings do, but that doesn't stop me from listening.
83. I don't think I have any enemies.
84. My room is in a state of organized chaos.
85. I'm a very safe driver, unless there's people in my car being assholes and dstracting me (or I'm having fun with them.)
86. Microsoft really, really, really annoys me, but for some reason I never switch.
87. Little things have a way of really pissing me off.
88. I'm not a fan of facial piercings.
89. I am becoming self-conscious about this quiz.
90. I like having a partner in crime.
91. But not real crime, like stealing. I'm not so into that.
92. I wish I had an unlimited bank account.
93. I try to suppress my "girly" side, and hate myself for doing so.
94. I really like love songs for some reason.
95. I don't think I've played the standard Windows games for years...
96. ...but I spent an entire semester of high school history class playing Solitaire on my handheld.
97. I think I have a short attention span.
98. My hockey number was #98.
99. I am in a worldwide group with less than two dozen members, but I'm probably the least active one.
100. This list took me less than an hour to put together.

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