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You people just had to change your con plans around, didn't you? (No, not targeted at Liz, but triggered by being reminded of it.)

In other news, I'm annoyed with the Parrot people. Once upon a time, I wrote the Configure system, and designed it with certain characteristics. For example, steps in the Configure process aren't supposed to output anything, besides a few words about what they're doing and a "done" when they're finished. But in the last year or so, people have been instrumenting the steps, so now Configure's output is a mess.

Well, not anymore--I just fixed it.

They've also been polluting Configure's database with huge (212 lines, in one case) chunks of Makefile. This is so incredibly wrong it's not even funny. Still need to figure out how to handle that, as well as reducing the number of steps (39, currently)...

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