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Lying in wait, part two

We're back in our room now, letting our feet rest before we meet some cousin or something for dinner. My brother and father are watching TV--at the moment, it's one of the Pink Panther movies. I'm trying to block it out with Evanescence. Full report on the day when I get back from dinner...

Anyway, I promised I would finish this once I got back on the computer, so...

Last time on grok $me...I had just spent a week getting a "K-12 hold" cleared off my community college record.

And now the thrilling conclusion...well, sort of...With the K-12 hold gone, I started signing up for classes.

As it is now, I intend for my schedule to be something like this:
  • PE 192: Life Fitness Center. This is basically a circuit-training thing you do for two hours a week. It's my concession to my parents' demands to try to stay in shape. (Not that it works...)
  • CIS 37: A C++ class. I've taken AP Computer Science in C++, so I expect this to be fairly easy.
  • CIS 40A: An assembler class. I've never worked in assembler, except in the fairly high-level Parrot interpreter's assembler, so this might be a challenge.
  • CIS 50L: Required lab for the assembler class. I don't expect to use it, and probably never will.
  • Math 3A: Calculus. This'll probably be my hardest class.
  • Math 180: Math lab. It's recommended, so I'll take it and skip if I don't need it.
So, I sign up for the PE class. No problem. Then I sign up for the assembler class. Also no problem. The computer lab isn't problematic either.

Then I try to sign up for CIS 37, the C++ class. It informs me that I haven't taken the prerequisite--a C class, CIS 36.

I'm taking 37 because it's transferable to UC Irvine, which at least for now is my target school. But it's the exception, not the rule--most language-centric courses can't be transfered, including the C course. And since I've already taken AP Compsci and thus know C++, it's kinda silly for me to take a C course.

I fired off an e-mail to the teacher and moved on.

Math 3A was a problem too. It listed Math 2, precalculus, as a prereq, but I already took precalc--it was my last high school math course. I sent off another e-mail and paid for the classes it had allowed.

Meanwhile, classes are filling up... *sighs*

Well, I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago. The teacher for CIS 37 (the C++ course) has informed me that I need to file a "challenge form" at the school, but that since I've told him about the situation, he'll make sure I can get in. Which is awful nice, I suppose. I still don't know about the math course, though...

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