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Avatar and reflections

I grabbed a screencap off the Web, cropped it, and came up with this nifty new user image. w00t. Not my default--the toaster still has that honor--but still, gives me another option.

Michael is, without a doubt, my favorite character on Robin. (I'm actually giving somewhat serious consideration to cosplaying him at Otakon.) This fact explains a lot about my character preferences.

I identify with the hacker character in virtually all cases. Michael in Robin, Lain in her series, Seven on Voyager. Trinity in The Matrix, because she's the only one we actually see doing any hacking, or hear of any specific exploits.

On a higher meta-level, it's the smart person--Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine, Data and Geordi on TNG, Spock on the original Trek, Hoshi on Enterprise (although the only shippiness I have for that show is T/T). In LOTR, I'm a big Gandalf fan, because he just seems to know everything.

This tendency goes back for years. Jurassic Park was perhaps my first "geeky" fascination; my favorites were Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm (and book-Tim, although in the movie, neither Tim nor Lex was to my liking). In Sailor Moon (the lame dub, which I watched every morning for a couple years in elementary school and still denied enjoying), Mercury was my favorite.

(Yes, I was suppressing otaku tendencies in elementary school, and to some extent during high school as well. But this post is too long as it is, and I'm actually staying with a topic for once.)

This also explains why I'm a blip. Largo is l33t and all (and he is my favorite character, by a narrow margin), but he's a little too insane for my tastes, and most of the other male characters are at least somewhat geeky, which kinda muddies the waters. None of the female characters are terribly hackerly, so I don't have a preference among the girls.

In Inuyasha...well, no offense to that series's fans, but none of the characters are particularly clever. Miroku's the closest, I think, but the rest of his personality compensates for it. So, no genius to worship there. Doesn't mean I don't like the anime or manga--just means I don't glom onto one of the characters.

Interesting what you can learn about yourself from a screencap...

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